Concessions Operations

Our team of trained front of house and back of house talent is ready to go to work.  All of our servers are TIPS certified and trained in ServSafe techniques.  We can bring a full range of services to your stadium or facility to manage a successful season of operations.

What Staff Do I Need?

Your staffing needs vary based on your headcount, menu selection, and menu.  For events where the venue takes care of the bar, you will likely need only an event captain and servers.  We can help you determine the correct number of staff based on your menu selection (buffets require fewer staff, whereas stations and plated dinners require more).

If we are providing or serving alcohol, you’ll need bartenders as well as serving staff.  We can help you determine what’s best for your event!

Event Staffing

Ready for us to cater your next event?

Take a look at our menu or just reach out to us for more information.

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