Love and Nourish

A Local Initiative to Support & Feed our Community

Love & Nourish is a community-wide effort we co-founded in March 2020 with partners at The Honeysuckle (Chapel Hill and Durham), as the COVID-19 pandemic started shuttering many sectors of our community.  Partnering with the DPS Foundation, DurhamCares, Families Moving Forward, Urban Ministries, Conetoe Family Life Center, El Centro and End Hunger Durham, we have had the privilege of feeding over 425,000 people at risk of food insecurity or food shortage. 

Our mission is simple:  Feed the hungry in our community and preserve the dignity of work for our team and our partners.  

COVID-19 shut downs and restrictions hit the restaurant and catering communities especially hard.  Many of our friends lost their businesses and with them, hundreds of workers lost their jobs.  Our decision to start Love & Nourish came from the realization that our mission as a company doesn’t change simply because there aren’t catering jobs to do.  It is exactly in those times of scarcity and fear that loving and nourishing one another brings the love of God to people in a tangible way.  Because of the generous support of the community (food vendors, congregations, individuals and government programs), we were able to keep our team employed full-time helping feed and care for the most vulnerable in our community, while keeping each other safe from COVID.

Thank you for supporting your community!

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